Gameboy Nanoloop VST

Wow, check this one out. There's a link to the download on the youtube page but it takes you to a Japanese 404 error. Oh well =[


This instrument doesn't really give me the chiptune sound that I go for, it has more of an pre-NES era sound. The coolest thing about this plugin is that it has Space Invaders built into! It's worth downloading I'd say, give it your own show. As of writing this it is available for free.


This is the final VST I will be reviewing from Tweakbench. This plugin is the brother of Peach and Toad and really they all compliment each other. I don't really know what to say about this VST except that it is a necessity. I'd REALLY recommend you download this VST.


I can't stress enough HOW IMPORTANT this plugin is for the composition of 8 bit music. This VST has TONS of memorable samples from the NES. I can't really say much about this VST except you need to try it for yourself. At the time of writing this the VST is being distributed for free so do some searing and it should be easy to find. It's made by the same people who make Peach. I'll say it again, YOU CANNOT make true 8-bit music without this instrument.


To my knowledge this is the most popular 8 bit vst plugin, this is probably my second favorite VST. As of writing this Peach can be found for free if you do a Google search. I don't really know what to say about this instrument, it's very solid, no complaints, couldn't ask more of it. If you are into making 8 bit music, DEFINITELY check out this plugin. I think it's made by Tweakbench who makes a few other 8 bit vst's that I will be reviewing as well.


I'd like to start off by saying this is the most colorful 8-bit VST of them all from what I've seen. My favorite feature about this VST that really sets it apart from the others is the XY Pad, altering that can really change up the sound of your mix. Unfortunately you can't use this setting as the track is recording. This plug-in comes with a plethora of presets and it's easy to make your own sounds. This VST is distributed for free as of now so if you're interested do some Google searching and find it. If you compose 8 bit music make sure to add this to your collection as it is probably one of my personal favorites that I have used. Post in the comments below and I'll be doing my next review shortly.